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An impressive 82 percent of Twitter users watch online videos every day. Facebook users watch 500 million videos daily. People watch over five billion videos on YouTube every single day. These and other compelling figures are why 87 percent of digital marketers use video content in their strategies.

Video marketing is big. With an experienced Denver video production company running your campaigns, it can deliver bigger results for your business. Here are three outcomes to hiring the experts.

Informative and Entertaining

Some business websites can lack appeal, especially ones that may require text-heavy content to deliver their message across. So how do you convey your brand’s value without boring your audience? Videos with the right concept and even better execution can inform as well as entertain. Professional video producers can flesh out your ideas and create imagery that communicates your business message.

Ability to Become Viral

Online videos are easier to share on social media; consumers process information from videos better. And creative, entertaining videos tend to become viral. With more people viewing and sharing your business video, you’ll broaden your market and improve your reach — without lifting a finger.

Authoritative but Cool

A creative video can give your company an authoritative but also cool reputation. This is critical when you’re marketing to younger consumers. You want to establish credibility while still appealing to the sensibilities of a new generation of buyers.

A key development to consider with your video marketing is the staggering rise of mobile usage. The industry expects to see 6.2 billion smartphones by 2020. It’s in your best interest to ensure mobile-friendly video content.

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There is no doubt that visually-driven marketing efforts will yield lucrative results. With the experience and guidance of a video production firm, your business could expect to see a more profitable turn for years to come.