Man using the selenium web testingSelenium is an open-source technology used to test web applications. This test automation is crucial in the current era of highly interactive and responsive software processes. It helps you find out if your website is functioning efficiently. Also, it enables you to check if it is safe and user-friendly. Here are some of the advantages of Selenium web testing:

Freely Accessible

Selenium is open-source, portable, free and has no upfront costs. It is available to all and anyone can download the software and modify the source code as per their specific requirements. Additionally, it is community-based hence its support is freely available.

Supports Various Tests Frameworks

Further, to being a simple testing tool, selenium helps several frameworks. This means you can wrap your test scripts on your preferred framework, thus enjoying maximum benefits from it.

User-friendly and Progressive

The selenium interface is easy to use and allows you to execute your tests efficiently. Furthermore, you can script your own extension. That will make it easy to customize and modify it to an advanced level. You can watch as the tests are running, extract the results immediately and make necessary followups. Also, the Selenium test framework allows you to simultaneously execute multiple tests. You can do that through the implementation of add-on tools that expand the testing scope.

Supports Numerous Languages

Although selenium has its own script, it is not limited to that language. It supports a variety of languages such as Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby and PHP among others. Hence, you just choose whichever you and your testers or developers are comfortable with.

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Supports Several Browsers

After the initial scripting, you can use that script on various browsers. Testing your applications on different browser versions allows you reap benefits of selenium testing.

Selenium is undoubtedly an efficient testing framework that enables you to run many web tests with less manual intervention. This gives you optimal results with minimal error rates.