Age care management employee and the patientAged care management has come a long way from back in the days when a reliable accounting system was all that has needed to operate an aged care facility efficiently. Now, an array of aged care management software is required to monitor all aspects of the enterprise.

For every challenge encountered in aged-care management, there is a software solution ready to turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Major challenges to face

There are two major challenges that test the mettle of Australia’s aged care system: staffing and funding.

In 2010, the retired couple to worker ratio was 1:10. Come 2050, this rate will dwindle to 1:5, due to the growing elderly population in the country now increasingly disproportionate to available workforce.

Just how many more carers does the job require, you may ask. From 2013 to 2023, there was a projected demand for additional 55,770 full-time carers. This is staffing crisis waiting to happen. Funding is another roadblock.  There is also financial sustainability to figure in and figure out.

Add to this the confusion common to care providers and recipients as to who are entitled to what elderly benefits which further complicates issues on funding.

Apparent solutions

Technological solutions have always minimised the given complexities in aged care management. From assistive apps to connected eHealth solutions, many challenges encountered in the aged care sector has undergone moderation, if not totally removed, via technological innovation.

As of late, there’s aged care management applications or software that specifically addresses issues on staffing and funding. These systems can manage care schedules and payments, which proves beneficial to carers and care recipients alike.

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If you are a stakeholder in the aged care management industry, it is in your best interest to maximise these innovative tools. The industry you are a part of is complicated as it is, a little help could sure go a long way.