Program CodeIf there is anything constant in the IT industry, it’s change.

The combination of business demands, infinite infrastructures, and major shifts in data control is scary for the IT industry — both newbies and veterans. These mega trends storming data centers this year and the next five can be overwhelming; if you’re not ready, you might miss out on opportunities.

As an IT professional, you need to keep up-to-date. You can participate in industry events, and take exam simulations to remain current on IT certifications. CertBlaster explains that certification can help you land certain jobs in the industry. So, it’s important to never stop learning.

Keep up with the changes by following these trends.

All About Automation

Automation is not a new trend, but the next years will see a big transformation. IT experts will say goodbye to opportunistic implementation and hello to systemics.

One problem, however, is the IT administrator’s love for scripts. Some administrators would rather tinker around with scripts, leaving only little documentation as they move on to another job.

To make automation work, it should evolve from simple scripting to a defined task workload. Eventually, this should also transform into a heuristic design, which is the type of automation that depends on data feeding during operations.

Big Data, Big Changes

Big data analysis is a big help in problem solving. For example, police departments experience reduced crime rates by pinpointing crime hot spots with the help of real-time data.

To handle all unstructured data and also keep up with real-time input, building new data architectures is the obvious next step. Data architecture, however, isn’t the biggest block in terms of big data analytics and its adoption; it’s the lack of skills.

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Reign of the Dashboards

2017 sees the majority of operations teams using dashboards to communicate with clients and partners. Business-value dashboards strive to measure data, sort out reports, and make life easier for companies.

Improve the purpose of dashboards by complementing them with a staff that speaks the same language as business stakeholders.

The world of IT is in for a ride this 2017 and the years to come. Step up your game as IT steps up its own by keeping up with the changes.