Call CenterCall centers must be efficient in distributing operation funds, especially startups. Money can appear as quickly as it can disappear, so every dollar should go to things that will improve the output of the company. More than that, a call center has several financial commitments. They have contracts with the office space provider, ISPs, web developers, and probably recruiters, all of which cost significantly

All these things, on top of equipment and general expenses, stretch the budget thin. So, what if something happens? What if there’s a technical glitch? Many startups can’t afford to have a repair crew within the company, much less provide competitive salary packages.

The only thing, and probably the wisest, is to get break/fix services. With a small company, it’s the best choice.

Cost Efficiency at Its Finest

The main premise of break/fix services is that there’s no package or commitment to a long-term agreement. Customers pay for the service rendered.’s on-site fix support is a good example of a solid point-of-contract in the event of a technical failure. They can fix anything on either side of the DMARC, limiting downtime for both sides of the business.

Speaking of point-of-contract, it would be best to have just one. It’s important to have a partner who knows what to do, where to go and how to optimize the system. More than that, being a constant customer may result in the company giving you discounts.

Listening to a Provider, than a Speculator

It’s easy to get swayed with the words of a “professional.” But, unless they are certified in the field of call center assistance, it’s better to listen to an actual break/fix technician. Many IT companies consider them a taboo, because of the nature of business. After all, they get paid per service. Money won’t exactly flood their bank accounts with that kind of arrangement.

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But, there are companies that provide competent break/fix services. More often than not, they are in the same call center industry and know break/fix to be crucial to business.

It’s good to know that there are alternatives to what many consider as “standard” services. Break/fix is only one, and there are many cost-effective options for call centers to consider.