Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in SingaporeIt’s a sad fact: the line between business promotion and customer service is blurring.

You can use almost every channel to talk about your business, which allows consumers to talk to you or talk about you. But if everything is all about your brand, you will lose your customers. Anyone working in SEO or online marketing knows that consumers are the first priorities.

This means you need to do more than just talk to them — you also have to listen.

By building a culture that listens, you can dramatically boost your brand’s reputation scores offline and online. With a good listening game, you keep your customers coming back for more.

Keep an Eye on Reviews

Do you know what your customers say about your brand? If you do not, review sites are here to help.

Sadly, a number of brand managers take online review for granted. According to a survey from SurveyMonkey, nearly 60% of customers look at review sites, but only 33% of brands take the reviews seriously. Sixty four percent of businesses that do pay attention, fortunately, respond to customers online.

Pay attention to the numbers and to what customers say. By visiting online reviews, you listen to your consumers and have a hand in the conversation.

Pay Attention to Social Media

Almost everyone is on social media; it’s the place where your customers love to talk about brands. While they don’t want you jumping in on their conversation, it pays to listen to messages they send directly. When those concerns come in, always address them immediately.

Red Box SEM, a local SEO service provider, believes that if a customer receives good service via social media, they will learn to trust you more. When you earn their trust, expect some boosts in your reputation online.

Encourage Conversations

Customers are often brief with their comments, especially if they think you’re not listening. By drawing them out, you see the bigger picture from their point of view. This also offers opportunities to determine points for improvement.

Look for ways to make customer service more convenient on your site. Email help desks and live chats help you converse with chatty customers.

Your customers are your most valuable assets. Hold on to them by paying attention to what they have to say.