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Americans are getting less sleep. In a Gallup poll in 2013, around 40% snoozed for less than 7 hours. The average number of hours was 6.8, which was 60 minutes less than Americans in 1942.

One of the reasons is people are sleeping late. The use of devices and other night-time activities are a distraction and even change the body’s sleeping pattern. But a new study suggests a possible solution: camping.

How Camping Normalizes the Body’s Sleeping Rhythm

People tend to underestimate their bodies. Little do they know that the human body has an incredible sense of achieving balance. The study published in Current Biology in 2017 is an example.

In the study, the researchers learned that exposure to the sun during the summer tends to normalize the body’s rhythm. In a recent experiment, they wanted to find out if they would achieve a similar result during winter. It’s the season when sunlight is scarce.

For the experiment, the participants camped out for the weekend. During this time, they didn’t have access to mobile devices that can produce artificial light. The results revealed that using these devices can reduce light exposure by 13 times. But the participants’ internal clocks shifted more than two hours earlier. In other words, they slept early and normally.

Make the Most of Sleeping Time

Not all people can sleep well without devices. Some use their gadgets to lull them to sleep. The next best option is bringing wireless Bluetooth waterproof speakers to camp.

These devices can play soothing music. Campers can also listen to white noise and nature sounds, such as a falling rain or a thundering waterfall. These sounds can calm the mind, allowing a person to fall asleep faster.

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Sometimes in order to have the well-deserved sleep, people may need a reset. It could be climbing up a mountain, pitching a tent, and listening to beautiful music while looking at the stars.