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How good is your marketing strategy? You can tell that from your sales this past year. If the numbers aren’t good, then you know something is wrong, and unless you can come up with a way to fix things quickly, you’ll soon be struggling to stay afloat.

So where do you start? Well, you could start by identifying if you’re guilty of the following marketing mistakes.

Unfit website strategies

You’ve heard that your business will benefit greatly from maintaining a formidable online presence. What you may not be aware of, however, is that you could be making errors in the process and achieving just the opposite effect. It’s the reason top insurance firms opt to work with insurance agency marketing firms to help with their online marketing strategies. Such agencies have what it takes to provide marketing solutions that work.

Wrongful SEO campaigns

Many ‘Blackhat’ SEO agencies lure insurance agencies to work with them by offering beefy promises of generating lots of traffic. Could your firm be a victim of these unscrupulous agencies? If so, then that’s why your site has such low potential for higher conversion rates, and that’s not the worst part. You are risking getting your website blacklisted by major search engines.

Wasting time on social media

Social media has helped companies grow immensely. But the cold truth is that people on social media aren’t enthusiastic about conversations regarding insurance. Building a significant client base on social media takes up lots of time, which you may not have right now. You may focus on other marketing strategies for now. Use social media only to engage your existing clients. Never try to buy likes on your social media page.

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Insurance agencies are no strangers to challenges when it comes to marketing. But if you can come up with strategies to avoid risky and wasteful practices, then you can boost your odds of attracting more business.