Garage DoorYou always wanted an extra room in your home to use as a bonding space with your family or to create your stress-free oasis. This does not mean that you have to gather all your financial resources to expand your home.

You can always use that unnecessary space in your garage and convert it into a rest and recreation space. This way, you do not have to waste more of your finances and still get to use the ditec remote you just bought from online garage accessories vendors like

Here are the different garage transformations that you can do:

Home Theatre

Transform your garage into a home theatre where everybody can enjoy watching your favourite series and movies. Make the space more comfortable by adding furniture and décor inspired by theatres. Seal all the windows in your garage to get the full effect of blackout shows.

Lastly, ensure that you set up the right wiring to accommodate the latest technology.

Man Cave or She Shed

If you want a space away from all the stresses of the world, then converting your garage into your own she shed or man cave will be the perfect move. You can have all the freedom in the world to express your creativity here.

Fill up the room with your sports memorabilia or create a glitter wall where you can use as a backdrop for your OOTD’s. For those who want to set up a game room, ensure that you get in touch with a professional to do the electrical work.

Kids’ Play Room

Why not dedicate a playroom for your children to avoid tripping over toys when walking around your home. You can even use this opportunity to get them to help you decorate their room with whatever they can think of, any design at all. They can help you choose the colours or paint their murals on the walls.

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Get some mats or rubber flooring for safety and beanbags for resting.

Converting your garage is a perfect option to add a livable space in your home. Whether you choose to create a family room, your own sanctuary, or your kids’ personal fun room, you will surely enjoy the transformation process itself.