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Visitors to your website could mean a decrease or increase in your website conversion rate. As such, it is important that you make sure you offer a unique user experience when potential customers visit your website. Radview  presents some suggestions to help you increase visitor conversion.


Try showing your website to some of your friends without them knowing it is yours. Ask their opinion about how easily they can find services and features. How is the color combination? Does it hurt the eyes? You want your website to be noticed, however, make sure that the user will not hurt their eyes and will click close because of flashing neon ads and banners.

Improve your Website Page Speed

Your website specialist says your page is fast enough. However, you see a high bounce rate. According to Google Analytics, bounce rate is a single page session on your website. This means that the visitor did not interact with your website. They did not click on any link or visit any of the pages aside from the landing page. Why?

The page took time to load completely. Internet speed varies worldwide. What could be fast in your area may not be the case in another part of the world. It is important that you use a website load tester to check and improve the site.

Relevant Content

You already know that without relevant, unique and fresh content, a website will not turn up for relevant results. Check for plagiarism and remove outdated information on your website.

There is no straight, all in one answer for website optimization as website visitors have different personalities and needs. However, you should know your target market and age group. Gather information on their preferences and behavior then tweak your website accordingly while testing it on your website load tester.

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