Dynamic Balance Electric Control Valve

Dynamic Balance Electric Control ValveIn a water treatment plant or HVAC plants it is best to have electrically controlled valves. These valves are dynamic and can automatically adjust to the requirement of the equipment. Most plants can work at variable or constant flow. Today variable flow is used in two way control values as they come with many benefits.

  • Industry standard

These are in fact the industry standard today. Electrically controlled valves by AshTuck.com reduce the pumping costs too due to the pump head and the variable flow. This implies that the control valve can be closed when not required and thus reduce the total out flow. With these valves the plant can be designed with a lot of diversity features factored in, as the flow is only required wherever the energy is necessary.

  • The balancing is simple

With this kind of control valves the circuits are made independent as you can decouple the terminals away from the system. For commissioning these valves too there is no  special procedure required for balancing as simple check of the flow would be sufficient. The plants can be set up properly by a planned and organized approach.  With these valves in place the individual zones can be commissioned easily without any special technique for balancing, being envisaged. Adding new parts or remodeling the system is also very simple.

  • One piece installation

The control valve and the balancing valve can be incorporated in a single unit. Thus labor is saved during the process of installation and you also save on the money you would otherwise spend on the balancing valve. You will also save installation space as the length of the pipe can be smaller. These control valves prevents overflowing and under flowing of water. Each terminal can receive proportional flow of water as and when necessary.

Thus besides being cost effective this kind of dynamic electric control valves also makes the complete system efficient and easier to operate.