SIP on a keyboard

They’re called freelancers. Their jobs, however, are very similar to a traditional employee’s — they provide a service for a fixed fee. With freelancers, employers or clients measure their work based more on output than time spent working. For freelancers, the appeal of making money online instead of clocking in and out at a physical work-space is clear: freedom. They can work from home or a secluded beach, enjoying the sun, a cocktail in hand. Well, maybe not that secluded. They need internet connectivity and power to access the technology needed. Here are some innovations enabling talents and employers transact in this modern shift in business and services:

Communication Tools

One great example is session initiation protocol (SIP) technology. It enables video calls over the internet at hardly any cost. This setup requires connecting to the internet. Users also need to register an SIP address. Another thing needed to do it to install and configure a program called SIP client. Lastly, users will need a soft-phone on their mobile device. It is an inexpensive setup ($50 to $250), which you can completely install in as fast as one month, or you can opt to pay a provider a reasonable monthly fee.

Management Applications and SaaS

Downloaded or accessed through the cloud, management tools make tasks easier and reduce human errors. Here are some useful apps that are changing the way we do work:

  • Social media analytic tools
  • e-Commerce sites and apps
  • Team collaboration apps
  • Email blaster
  • Time management or tracking tools
  • Accounting software
  • Anti-distraction tools (limits access to non-work related sites)
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Billing and collection automated systems
  • Online payment transfers
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The secret lies in enabling interactions among people from anywhere in the world. For entrepreneurs, technology has facilitated competitive behavior and better services at lower costs. For talents, it has opened doors of opportunity while maintaining an excellent quality of life. It is exciting to see what other shifts will happen in the future.