Airline IndustryAirline workers have served an important role in the aviation industry ever since equipment and technology have made it possible for humans to travel by air.

That is why human factors play an integral part in constantly developing the best practices for aircraft use and overall operations — whether during flights or from the ground. Several software reliability testing systems like one made by Qualmark Corporation can be used to improve human factors in the workplace.

While humans are among the most important components of maintaining secure and efficient air transportation, we also pose the biggest threat to the achievement of that purpose.

What is Human Factors?

One of the reasons for studying human factors in the airline industry involves the pursuit of enhancing the workflow at the job site, including the environment and its culture

In addition, human factors aim to prevent human errors. If mistakes indeed occur, human factors also seek to correct these errors in a quick yet efficient manner.

According to Boeing’s data, airline employees mainly account for more than 70% of commercial aircraft hull-loss accidents. Hence, there is a great sense of need for people to be well-informed and updated on technological advancements.

Information Security

As aircraft equipment and technology become more complex, so does the idea of keeping software safe and secure. Although people tend to think that information security commonly applies to computers, it serves a greater purpose beyond digital equipment.

The study of human factors in information security has also found that insider risks play an important role in terms of loyalty and betrayal, when correlated to the background of a multicultural organization amid changing socioeconomic factors.

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Insider risks in the context of cabin crew operations generally apply to employees’ broad knowledge and legitimate access to facilities and resources.

For instance, airline employees obtain and distribute a significant amount of information. Therefore, they should be capable of being trustworthy whether or not to disseminate information in certain scenarios.