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An excellent landing page typically has one straightforward goal—to encourage the user to take the next step in the purchasing journey, which is actually to buy or subscribe. Regardless of what you want users to do, if you’re looking to increase conversions from your site, you have to make certain that your landing pages pique the interest of your target audience.

Third Stage Marketing and other experts in SEO services in Denver share the following tips:

Make sure you know whom you’re marketing to

Your efforts would be more productive if you know exactly who your target market is so you could focus your marketing efforts on their interests. Learn their likes and dislikes so you could provide and avoid them, learn what their pain points are so you could address them, and learn how they communicate so that you could connect with them better.

Make your propositions clear

You need to tell users what you need them to do, buy something or ask for a quote, for example, so that they could (hopefully) do that specific action upon reaching your landing pages. Tell them why they should do it and ensure that your landing page incites them to act.

Feature client testimonials and social proof

Customers look to reviews and testimonials online before buying anything. Make sure to feature testimonials from past clients on your landing page. If your social media presence is strong, feature links of these in your landing pages as well.

Don’t forget to test regularly

Once your website is up and running, you should split test whatever features you changed, removed, or added. When testing, it’s ideal that you test only one change at a time so that you could better measure the results with regard to conversions.

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So while great SEO helps draw your target market to your site, it’s your landing pages that make users convert. Keep these practical tips in mind to help you create fully optimized landing pages that would lead to increased conversions.