Satellite VS Cable TVLike most Australians shopping around for TV programming services, you most likely think that cable is your best option. However, there are situations wherein this may not actually be the best solution to your needs.

So before you get into a long-term, expensive contract with a cable service provider, consider your other option first: satellite TV services. To help you understand why this often presents the most appropriate choice, take a look at the following differences between the two.

Location Limitations

Location limitations are probably the greatest advantage of satellite TV over its cable counterpart. Most satellite service providers like Singtel offer their products and services to consumers who cannot get access to cable because of their remote location. In addition, consumers whose homes do not have obstructed views of the sky opt for satellite because of the cheaper price that still allows them to receive continuous coverage and undisrupted connection.

On the other hand, cable companies, while they can offer their services to most areas, they have an exception: most of them do not cater to customers living in rural areas.

Bundling of Services

Both satellite and cable providers offer bundled services including television, phone, and Internet. The advantage to this is that you receive only one bill for all services, and they come with discounted prices as well. However, when it comes to price, satellite bundled services remain cheaper than cable.

Streaming Limitations

When you want to stream live TV or watch online videos on the go, your cable service provider does not have the ability to do that. This is the main reason you will find many RV or trailer owners having a dish satellite dish on their motor homes: because they can stream and watch while on the go, as long as the weather permits and the sky is clear.

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Television programming is quite important to a lot of people, in order to stay updated with the news and of course, for their enjoyment. So make sure you compare your two primary options to decide for yourself which of them best suits your needs and preferences.