As tech reporters, ICTIR’s correspondents are more aware of how privacy has become a sore issue in today’s virtual landscape. We here at our publication vow to protect our readers’ personal information. More than everyone, our tech reporters know that the Internet has become a place where identity theft, fraud and privacy breaches are common.

Knowing that, our company employs various resources to ensure that your browsing data are safe. Whether it’s your MAC address or other information that you voluntarily provided to us, rest assured that protection software and experts are looking over your online identification.

There are those who want to advance civilization with their talents. Then, there are those who want to use their capabilities to take advantage of people. At ICTIR, we know that freedom comes at a price. Nonetheless, we are committed to safeguard you from hackers who think they’re committing a victimless crime.

Wherever you may live, you can count on us to put a barrier between you and those who harbors ill will. In the age of the Internet, we are all vulnerable. But, that’s not reason for us to leave you open to attacks.

Aside for our desire to give you updates in the tech world, we make sure that our publication builds trust with its readers. Mutual trust is needed if we are to succeed in becoming your first-choice source of digital news. And for it is for this reason that we have put a high premium on confidentiality.

Unlike certain entities, we wholly accept that privacy is a right of every person. Whether physical or virtual, everyone needs space for themselves. ICTIR believes that to establish a prosperous relationship with our audience, we must protect them just as they patronize us.