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Consumer behavior has been changing constantly, giving real estate marketers a few challenges along the way. One such challenge includes appealing to a younger market that is more info-savvy than ever and places a heavy premium on property companies with sophisticated online channels.

Your real estate marketing strategies must meet the demands of the digital consumer. You need to take an in-depth look at the modern real estate consumer’s mind to know what you and your marketing agency should incorporate into your marketing funnels to nurture prospects and qualify leads.

Understanding the Generations

The differences in preference across generational groups must be your first consideration, as knowing critical data can play out in your favor.

For instance, Gen Yers (Millennials) are now the largest group of real estate buyers, with baby boomers coming in second place. Those two generations also use the Internet more than any other generation when looking for properties.

Young woman looking for a houseIn fact, 94 percent of millennials and 84 percent of boomers use a combination of social media and other websites to look for properties.

Potential buyers are willing to invest as long as they see that they’re getting value for their money. So now, you have to use online channels to show that the properties you’re offering are worth the investment.

Enhancing Your Online Presence

The Internet is the preferred platform for discovering properties. So a stronger online marketing scheme that maximizes visibility is the key to generating leads for your property and converting those leads to become buyers.

And there are several ways to improve your online presence.

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Consider adding 360-degree videos as well as live videos on your social media account. Videos are some of the most engaging content on Facebook, with users watching 100 million hours worth of video every day on the world’s most popular social media platform. The 360-degree video is especially effective for property marketing because it provides potential buyers with an immersive experience.

These engagement tools allow greater visibility for your brand and do wonders for your online reputation, too.

Knowing the trends in consumer behavior is only the first step toward a potential sale. To maximize lead generation and conversion, you must collaborate with a real estate marketing agency that understands how the modern consumer searches for and buys properties. Your knowledge of consumer trends, combined with a streamlined plan by your marketing agency, can create many opportunities for growth.