Samsung’s next flagship phone will hit the Australian stores mid-April, with its American release still to be announced. Nonetheless, reviewers praised how the Korean company made leaps in manufacturing smartphones even if their latest creation resembles the iPhone 6.

The outright purchase prices ranges from $999 to $1499 for 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variations. A Yahoo tech reporter stated that after years of being the Pontiac Aztek of the smartphone industry, Samsung finally came out of its shell and fighting Apple, its main rival.

Majority of the reviewers were in crossroads when judging the unit’s design, calling it a combination of the iPhone 4S and the current crop of Apple’s flagship phones. But, they all agreed to brush past the obvious and note the glowing features that make it stand out. The Super AMOLED display is as sharp as ever and they praised its genuine feature, which lights up when receiving a call or text.

SamsungThe color choices will be limited to Gold Platinum, Blue Topaz, Black Sapphire or White Pearl, which all looked good at the initial exhibition. The stock camera that produces 16-megapixel quality pictures blows the competition from Sony and Apple.

All major phone networks are poised to offer competitive monthly rates since it’s predicted to smash the first-day records held by Apple. Samsung also retained the waterproof feature from their S5 line. Some reviewers who got hold of the phone even submerged the unit for 20 minutes and it still worked.

The phone performed phenomenally when benchmarked. Its read and write speeds clocked at 319MB/Sec and 142MB/Sec respectively. Moreover, it features a new kind of storage, which is tagged to be 2.7 times faster than eMMC 5.

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It has not been all praises for the S6. The price has been noted to be almost $200 more expensive than the current line of smartphones. And that’s for the lowest memory available. The Edge version is questioned on what its purpose is since the two models are basically alike. All of the criticism actually revolves around its practicality, whether it’s worth consumers’ money.

Still, there are a lot of things to be excited about the newest phone from Samsung. It is a touch faster and for multi-taskers, anything that with enhanced performance will definitely help. Everyone who’s planning to get one must be in line early. The expectations are high and the fans abundant, the S6 is sure to take the mobile landscape by storm.