Satellite Phone is a Vital AccessoryWhen all hope is lost, turn to your satellite phone. When mankind’s greatest creations fail you, turn to a satellite phone. When there’s no Internet to connect to, turn to your satellite phone.

These statements may seem bizarre, but in the history of satellite phones, these are rather factual descriptions for when these wide-reaching mobile devices saved lives. This is why a real adventurer, one who ventures into the wilderness alone, and remote operations cannot exist without these miracles of long distance communication.

When Migrants Get Marooned

Those who seek asylum from Libya to Italy had no choice as their country descends into chaos. Their existence without a central government even affected people who wanted out of the war zone because they had no way to contact the boats. As ironic as this would sound like, smugglers gave the passengers satellite mobiles to contact the coast guard on the Italian side.

To make the long story short, on Christmas day 2015, Italian authorities were able to save more than 700 migrants by tracing the satellite phones used. There was a clear language barrier but if this incident proved anything, it is that mere communication would be enough to save people from certain peril.

Pulling People Under the Rubble

The Haiti Earthquake tested satellite phone services to its limits and at times, communication was impossible. Nevertheless, it still assisted in connecting those affected with the authorities. The scale of this natural disaster is almost unspeakable, so when the EIS (Emergency Information Services) was able to answer the satellite phone calls, it was similar to a physical act of helping someone off the ground.

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Is It Worth the Price?

It is hard to put a price on safety and it will really come down to whether you need satellite phones or not. But if there is even a remote chance that communication will be spotty using regular mobile phones and that getting in touch with the field team is necessary, you have to consider getting a set.

Deliberate on what use you can extract from a satellite phone. You have to remember that every phone comes with a plan. If your gut feeling says yes and you have the finances to cover this expense, there is no reason to deny the team you will send out this convenience.