Well-organised store and counter

When you think of store organisation, what do you worry about first? Do you think about all the effort you'll have to put in or are you overwhelmed by the number of items needing organisation? There is probably less thought given on how the organisation looks. 

For your customers, it's all about the looks. Those aisles upon aisles of products don't have to look just as boring as the aisles in the next shop. Here are some ideas to set your store apart: 

Use Quirky Labels 

You have a barcode printer from Brady South Asia to take care of the price tags on each item, but you can also decorate each aisle using some fun calligraphy. Find the perfect balance between a professional looking arrangement and a modern look, so that your shop will have an identity that sets it apart from others in the same block. 

Arrange Items by Colour 

Colour is important in retail psychology. If you have a boutique or a speciality shop, things can get cluttered and look disorganised if your display style is, well, random. How about arranging everything by colour, so that those who are looking for something specific can just go to the aisle containing the colour they want? This is also a great visual cue that encourages them to buy more items, with their subconscious telling them that the matching colour would make the items look good together. 

Add Random Facts and Trivia 

These days, customers want their shopping experience to be an enjoyable one. You're not just there to provide them with the products they need; you're also there to give them a fun experience. What's more fun than sharing random facts about your store or the products you offer? Show a couple of facts on random aisles, so they will be encouraged to look around. 

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Manning a shop is not just about completing a sale. It's about making sure that your customers had a great experience–one that they're willing to come back for.