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When running a small business, you often get strapped for time because of the many roles that you play. These days, however, the time for manual tasks is coming to an end because you could easily automate them using special software. Below are five of the most time-consuming tasks you could automate and make things easier for you.


Manage your books and save tons of time by using accounting software. With this, you could sync your financial apps and bank accounts and get updated analysis and reports, monitor your expenses, and pay your bills among many others.


This task is more than just sending your employees their checks. You also need to file accurate payroll forms, calculate the correct amount of due taxes, and pay them on time always. If you fail to do these tasks right, you’ll get in trouble with the IRS and would have to pay hefty penalties.

Invoice Management

Automated invoice management features would enable you to create your invoice template, monitor overdue and paid accounts, schedule the sending of invoices, and easily convert your estimates to actual invoices. When you automate these tasks, you will help make certain that all your invoices are sent on time, hence, paid on time, which in turn would keep your cash flow flowing consistently.


Inventory management could take a significant time to complete manually. When you use an inventory management solution, however, it would help you monitor how many products you have on hand, where exactly they’re located, and help you calculate how many products you have to reorder and when to do it.

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Customer relationship management software will enable you to interact with your existing and potential customers effectively. You could easily monitor leads, appointments, how many contacts you have, which type these contacts fall into, and conversions from leads to customers, all in one streamlined and easy-to-use tool.

Put simply, leveraging these automation tools would free up your precious time so that you could focus your efforts on actually growing and making your business better. Also, these would likewise save you money in the long run since you won’t have to hire people (that you need to pay) to do these tasks for you instead.