Electronic Medical Records System

Electronic Medical Records SystemElectronic medical records have been a great boon to the healthcare industry. Healthcare facilities who have implemented electronic medical records solutions such as Raintree Systems have reduced messy and usually confusing paperwork. The quality of care patients received has also been improved due to EHRs. Other benefits include developed efficiency and productivity, financial incentives for the implementation and usage of EHRs, and more satisfied patients.

Choosing One among Hundreds

Now, the healthcare facility you work for may be in need of EHR, or perhaps you simply need to upgrade your existing EHR. You will, of course, have to select the EHR for your healthcare facility, but what EHR should you choose? Hundreds of EHRs are on the market today; which of them should you pick?

List Your Needs

The first thing you can do to help you decide what software to pick is to list everything that you need for your practice. You should take into consideration if you need automatic billing, prescribing software, and scheduling features, among many other features. You can also take note of your workflow and see if EHR systems can complement it.

Budget and Specify

Obviously, you have to think about your working budget. At the same time, you can take a look at EHRs that are specific to your practice. There are EHRs designed specifically for physical therapy, pediatric therapy, Rheumatology, Bariatrics, mental health, and more. Chances are, you only need to adjust the software a little bit to work for you.

Inspect and Certify

Next, you should consider what systems architecture can work for you. You should also check if the EHR you picked has been certified. Certification helps you apply for Medicaid and Medicare incentives for EHR adoption if you are a member. Finally, you should also ask other doctors and healthcare personnel for their recommendations.

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Ask for Support and Implement

Once you have done all that, you simply have to specify how much support you need for the software. You should also spend time to install the software since the implementation may take time, especially if you come from a traditional records system.

With these steps, you can pick the perfect EHR software for your healthcare facility.