Industrial cnc plasma machine cutting of metal plate

Mechatronics is an evolving field of science that initially merged the disciplines of mechanical engineering and electronics, with other engineering disciplines like telecommunications, systems, control, and computer getting into the mix.

Mechatronic service providers are the primary suppliers of products and processes in this specialized field. IST Precision and other experts list some of its applications:

Servo Mechanics

This is a control engineering application that uses sensors to detect errors for the purpose of a corrective action. This detect-correct-correct cycle continues until no more errors are found. The primary systems that benefit from this application are those for speed and position control.

Machine vision (MV)

In layman’s terms, this application has to do with the ability of a machine to “see” and assess physical images (i.e., image processing) for the purpose of undertaking appropriate action. Robot-guided processing systems and inspection systems are primary users of this application.

Anti-Lock or Anti-Skid Braking System (ABS)

This application relies on the theories of threshold and cadence braking to maintain specific traction on the road according to the driver’s “inputs” when they hit the brakes. For example, when the driver steps on the brake pedal abruptly and heavily, the ABS prevents or mitigates to undesirable results — i.e., locking up (where the wheel suddenly stops rotating). This could result, at its worst, the vehicle going into a turn-turtle and an uncontrollable skidding. The automotive industry is a primary user of this technology, and several countries make this a requirement for all vehicles that enter the country and travel its roads.

Rapid advances in technologies have given rise to increasingly more sophisticated mechatronic products that have proven invaluable for many companies across several industries in the development of their products and in their business as a whole. This progress is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

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