The Online Landscape’s Problem with Growing Demand

Modern data centreSave for the few who have decided to swear off technology, a rather impractical choice, considering the current world; most people are online. That is, at least for the parts of the world where it is an option. There is hardly anyone who does not have at least one device connected to the internet. With more people requiring connectivity, how do service providers cope with the growing need?

Reliance on the Cloud

The cloud is where most industries have already shifted, but a quick assessment of this reliance on real-time computing through the cloud reveals a potential problem in the future: even with 5G technology, the Internet of Things may need to access too many data in too little time, resulting in a slower response. SwiftCache Lite notes that network congestion is already a growing concern today as websites strive to cater to visitors, and overloaded systems are not an entirely foreign concept.

Fast forward a few years, with more appliances connected to the internet as smart homes become the norm, you see a lag every time a command is executed. All because everyone is using the cloud instead of edge technology.

The Call for Conscientious Use of Data

The recent string of earthquakes that devastated Mexico brought a brewing problem to the surface: poor connectivity. As top U.S. carriers offered their services to postpaid subscribers for free, they also asked subscribers to be mindful of their use of the waived communication fees. Though carriers offered both call and messaging services for free, texting is the preferred method of communication, so as not to overload their cell towers.

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And that is understandable, given that a huge number of people trying to call each other over a short period can degrade the level of service greatly. There will be missed calls and messages not coming through as a consequence–a very costly one, considering the severity of the situation and the importance of being able to contact loved ones.

More people find it easier to connect to the internet for casual data use, but what happens when there is a need to do more? It’s time to look at the demands of the near future.