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Websites are an important platform for any company’s marketing strategy. This is why it is essential that your site is easy for your audience to use. It only takes a few seconds for a reader to decide if they’re going to use your site, so make sure they stay with these tips:

Web test the site

Consistency is a crucial factor in user-friendliness. To ensure that the website is working the way it is supposed to be, web test your site before opening it to the public.  One way to do this is by testing web applications through selenium web testing. Doing so will allow you to catch bugs and formatting errors before launching your site.

Make navigation simpler

The navigation of the website must be intuitive and straightforward. Put the navigation bar at the top or left side of the window for easy access. Make sure the navigation headings are easy to read and understand.

Include a search function

Search functions will make it easier for people to find the things they need. Put the search icon or bar where customers can easily see it. Make sure the icon or bar is big enough to be noticeable.

Use simple language

User-friendliness does not only refer to the user experience. It is also about making the sites’ content easily understandable for your target market. Having good content is vital for any site as it could lend you credibility and build rapport with your users. Avoid jargon as much as possible even when you are aiming to appeal to a niche market. This is so even casual lookers would know what you are talking about which would hopefully lead to them becoming a new customer.

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Utilize text that complements content

Do not fall into the trap of putting too many images that distract from the text content. The multimedia you use must complement or enhance the text. Some devices may not be able to accommodate too many multimedia applications so make sure it’s your textual content that stands out the most.

The key to turning a website into a successful marketing platform is to make it as user-friendly as possible. With more and more people relying on the internet to conduct business transactions, having a good website could play a role in your company’s success.