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Breadcrumb navigation improves the browsing experience of visitors, and it also allows search engine bots to understand the hierarchy of your website. This feature also enables a user to pinpoint their current position on a page, allowing them to find what they need easily.

Experts on web development in Denver mention that you can use the following types of breadcrumbs to improve user browsing experience.

History or Path-Based

This type provides users with a “path” based on how they explored a website. An example of what this would look is:

Landing Page>Previous>Previous>Current Section

This breadcrumb is often unpopular with design experts because you can easily replace it with the ‘back’ button. This type can be helpful to those familiar with the system but may be puzzling to visitors because they often browse a site with no certain pattern, and may jump to an unrelated page with the one they were previously on. In some instances, visitors don’t need a path or historical trail because they landed on a deep page when they made a query on Google.

Attribute Type

This breadcrumb type explains how products relate to each other. This allows visitors to find what they want easily. This navigation feature looks like this:

Landing Page>Category>Shape>Color

This eases the process of browsing your pages; it leads a potential customer further down the sales funnel, boosting your chances of converting. Savvy and experienced designers often mix various types of breadcrumbs to suit their needs. Some would combine attribute with location-based navigation features.

Location Type

Experts also call this type “hierarchy-based.” This represents the page structure and allows users to understand its hierarchy. The option makes it easier for visitors to explore and navigate because it displays a website’s structure even if they entered a page deep into it from other sources or a search engine. This page structure displays related products or services, directing the user to the right part of the site.

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These are some of the breadcrumb navigation types you can consider for your website. Experts agree that combining two or even three provides optimal results. Mix and match, to find which combination works best for your site’s structure and objectives.