Metal grinding on steel pipe with flash of sparks close up

Various industries employ metal finishing equipment to finish the exterior surface of their metal products. The machinery can achieve multiple goals. These include polishing the product’s surface for a better appearance, cleaning the surface or burnishing it for a sophisticated shine.
The experts at Syntech use many metal surface finishing machines that industries depend on to hone their metal products into high-quality finished products. Depending on the metal you want to use for your project, the size and your desired result, there are several types of machines you can use. Here are a few examples.

Barrel Finishing Surface Machines

This machine comes in two varieties: dry and wet tumblers. Wet tumblers are used to remove stock from specific metal surfaces. Dry tumblers can handle metal through all steps of surface finishing. A barrel finishing machine uses an eight or six-sided barrel drum to round surfaces. They treat and remove burrs and surface imperfections from different metal pieces.

Vibratory Finishing Machines

Vibratory machines enclose a metal piece with motions of high frequency, which produces a smooth surface. They are ideal for finishing products with tubular recesses or deep cavities. They can also finish large and small sized products that are fragile. Vibratory machines have a reduced risk of media wear.

Abrasive Blasting Machines

This equipment can simultaneously finish and clean metal products. It is also referred to as a sandblasting machine. The finishing process involves aiming small steel shot, metal pellets or sand particles at high speed into a substrate. This finishing machine reduces the time needed for cleaning, requires no chemicals for cleaning and has increased productivity levels.
Plating machines are typically used to bond a thin metal layer to a substrate’s exterior to enhance its corrosion resistance, magnetism and appearance. When buying your machine, you should consider the amplitude, speed, cost and abrasive media of each machine. This will help you get the machine best suited to your needs and budget and enjoy the benefits of metal surface finishing.

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