Woman using her smartphone for her travelForget the sunscreen or extra towels; if there’s one thing travelers can’t forget to bring for vacation, it’s their smartphone. It’s easier to forget the contact lenses or even passport, but they’d never dare leave a device attached to their hands.

The Mobile Traveler

Apart from capturing memories, today’s smartphones transform how travelers explore places. Goodbye to the days of paper map dependence, awkward conversations with foreign strangers, and getting lost in a country’s transit system.

Apps and widgets on smartphones make life easier for the traveler, cities, and travel services. Visit Widget, for example, enables cities to map out their attractions for better interactions with visitors.

Other reasons why smartphones dominate the traveling world include the following:

Social Sharing

Smartphones make it easy for travelers to share their experiences with others. Social media platforms enable real time-sharing; anyone can share images or videos — whenever and wherever. Travelers who want better photos can use free apps to enhance and edit images.

Travel services and tourist destinations also benefit from social sharing. When travelers tag them in their photos, impressed followers will flock to them. It’s a good form of branding for today’s Internet-dominated world.

A Digital Appendage

Travel Pulse reported that 84% of travelers want access to information while they travel; without it, they feel “lost.”

Staying at home offers comfort and security in familiar surroundings. Abroad, they do not have the same sense of control; since they are in a foreign land, it’s easier to experience paranoia when they do not have their digital appendage (the smartphone).

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The ease of staying connected through emails, social media platforms, or travel apps give travelers peace of mind.

Perfect for Bookings

Booking flights and accommodations can be taxing; if you’re a minute late, you might miss out on a flight or discounted hotel stay.

Since smartphones now come with travel tools, travelers choose to book on their phone. No need to panic about last-minute hotel bookings; all they have to do is click on their phone and pay through the Internet. This form of transaction also paved the way for new business opportunities for hotels and attractions.

It seems silly to waste time over a smartphone before traveling, but considering the numerous benefits it offers, leaving it at home before a vacation should never be an option.