VR TechnologyLast year, tech giants began venturing into virtual reality, acquiring firms and releasing gadgets that let them innovate VR technology that caters to their loyal followers. Facebook acquired Oculus, while Google introduced the low-cost Google Cardboard, a DIY kit which anyone can turn into a VR headset.

With the use of a smartphone and a software platform, users can immerse into a virtual reality experience that allows them to see the world like never before. The headset was met with positive responses last year, with specialised electronics stores such as Remote Pro offering the product. This year, what’s new with the Google Cardboard?

Google Daydream View Is Replacing It – Tech Reports

It has only been around for a short time, but tech reports in recent weeks are already bidding the Cardboard farewell. With the introduction of the Daydream View in early October, tech news websites are projecting the end of the Cardboard.

At $79, the Daydream View works hand in hand with Google’s Pixel phone, providing a VR experience and tools that appear to be an upgrade from its predecessor’s. But, as reports say that it is compatible with only a handful of smartphones for now, as opposed to the Cardboard’s Android and iOS compatibility, it may be too early to say goodbye to the DIY headset.

More Apps

Google introduced apps that work perfectly with VR. If you feel like having a trip to an art museum, Cardboard can take you there via Google Arts and Culture. There are images for zooming in and 360, which are a joy for art lovers.

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Games such as Wizard Academy and Fulldrive give an exciting VR adventure to users, while the horror app Chair in a Room lets players become a part of different scary stories in a creepy place. Google produced a variety of exciting apps, and the best part is most of them are free on Google Play.

The Simpsons VR Couch Gag

The Simpsons series has not lost its magic even after 600 episodes and years of airtime. To celebrate this milestone, creators of the popular show released a memorable couch gag for VR, with the help of the Google Cardboard.

These are the latest updates on the Google Cardboard. With new offerings on the way, a farewell anytime soon doesn’t seem likely.