IT personnel working with a database serverServers can be the most complex endeavour at times. Take migrating data to a stretch database, for one. There is no issue with the actual transfer at all, but how cost-effective would it be for your business to undertake such a big task? Do you have access to Microsoft’s Azure? Most importantly, will the IoT focus of the Azure bring worthy upgrades to your system?

This is a potential function you may encounter when having your own servers. It is a headache and there can be no secrets about that. Moreover, technology is advancing at a highly rapid rate, as the sector keeps up with the society’s desire to make everything mobile accessible. This is why support is valuable, apart from its primary purpose. When things get overwhelming, that DBA you can reach can be a lifeline.

It is Not Even June!

Months into 2017, many IT departments are scrambling to determine if it is worth introducing a Linux-based Microsoft SQL for replication purposes or as their main database. This is surely one of the biggest hits of the year so far, and a professional administrator can advise you whether this is viable for your operation.

There are the issues of outages, performance tuning, and security, too. These are the biggest reasons why DBA Services’ Microsoft SQL Server Support and others in the industry are critical to your survival. If they have one job, that is updating your security measures and ensuring that the data you have is not leaking in any way.

AWS’ outage is a landmark event for all the wrong things. It literally took down the Internet, aside from Netflix, and it is a lesson for small companies. The biggest system failures can come from the smallest discrepancies. It is better to be safe than risk breaking your company and its reputation, like what Amazon did to the Internet.

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With proper support, you can build a system that can stand strong to potential breakdowns. Other than that, you have someone to rely on when you need to down your most important priorities.