TrafficIt may be elementary, but counting and learning how to count is never a futile exercise. Not only is counting important when looking at the number of bills in your wallet, it’s at the heart of business or any institution that wishes to grow for that matter. And where budding businessmen count money, serious businessmen count people.

Yes, people count  –  in more ways than one. You may say as a businessman that looking into your profits is enough, but that could be simplistic. You see, money may tell you one thing, but people could complete the picture like no other. We need not go that far to realize that had you known more people shop at 6 pm you wouldn’t have closed your store by 5 in the afternoon.

No Man Left Behind

It’s not just the Marines who need to count their team on the ground to rescue who’s left behind and wounded. Their “no man left behind” policies attest to the fact how important people are.

Though the military situation is an extreme example, it clearly shows how counting people matters. No savvy businessman, crafty politician or any leader wanting to further his cause would be able to achieve anything without people. Therefore, knowing the number of people over time is a great tool to realize one’s endeavor.

Predicting the Future

A survey is necessary for a social initiative. Also, it is for this reason that traffic counting systems have caught on. Traffic counting systems, while mostly employed in physical retail stores, allow owners to predict times of consumer volume, and create strategies to use this volume to their advantage.

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In a world where more often than not that the term “cutthroat” is used to describe competition, being able to see trends is essential. With traffic counting systems, a mall owner will know when business is brisk and when it’s crawling. This knowledge will help him devise methods to better his marketing – or change business as the situation demands.

Such will enable him to streamline his budget because he would now have an idea when would be the best time to promote. More importantly, it gives him advanced information on how best to grow his business – and not flounder. All because he counts.