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Virtually all companies are now using online marketing to reach their clients. Though it is a very efficient way to get your products and services seen, remaining relevant is a huge part of successful online marketing. Innovations come up daily and keeping up is essential.

One of the latest creative media advertising techniques for online marketing is the use of animations. They get your message across faster than texts, are shareable, cost-efficient and will boost your SEO ranking. Here are some of the areas in which you can use animations in online marketing.

Newsletters and Direct Emails

Your emails and newsletters need not be the same boring ones with many paragraphs and bland images that explain texts. You can use integrated email animation to showcase your products and describe processes. This makes your email fun, eye-catching and helps your audience understand your message better.

Website Design

Animating your website with GIFs, videos or interactive animations can liven it up and increase your conversion rate. Widgets and clickable animations can be used to navigate your site, or you can opt for 3D animations, which invite clients to explore products and services further. The animations keep your audience engaged and spend more time on your page. This offers the perfect opportunity to nurture them and make a sale.

Online Presentations

Whiteboard animations are a perfect and inexpensive option for companies that want to explain how to use its products. It involves the use of a whiteboard with various animations and a voice-over telling the story as the animations illustrate your concept. This keeps your presentation simple and yet easy to follow and understand.

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Efficient use of animations in digital marketing requires expertise. Merely adding animations to your website, presentations and emails will lead to increased load times, hinder your site’s functionality, and ultimately hurt your brand. You should hence get an online advertising agency to help you handle your online marketing animations.