Photo of satellite dish

The next time you watch HDTV, livestream on Facebook or receive a text from your boss congratulating you on a job well done, you have fixed satellite services (FSS) to thank.

You might not know it, but FSS plays an important role in almost everything you do. Research shows that despite the initial costs of setting up an FSS, demand for it will grow in the next few years. Singtel Satellite tells us why.

It is cost-effective

An FSS uses satellites to transmit and receive signals from a fixed point, hence the name. Building the infrastructure is expensive, but once you have them in place, there is no limit to their capacity. That means that the more you use it, the lower the overall cost.

It also does not matter where you need it. Satellite communications can reach anywhere in the world as long as there are receivers in the area.

It is dependable

Back in the day, communications networks depended on line of sight. The FSS does not. You do not have to worry about interruptions on the ground to disrupt FSS communications.

This includes buildings, bad weather, or war. As long as there are receivers on the ground and satellites in the sky, it will continue to work.

It is scalable

Expanding a network on an FSS is easy. It only takes a few hours to add a node or set up a receiver. This is good news if you need it for your business. It is also the ideal system for emergency and government communication.

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It is fast

FSS uses technology that allows fast and high-quality transmission of data. This includes text messages, voice calls, video, images, files, internet connection, and television broadcasts.

Fixed satellite services allow cost-effective, dependable, scalable, and fast communications all over the world. It is the ideal system for consistent and high-quality communications and connectivity for business, government, and personal use.