VPN on a keyboard

A secure VPN application has become sought-after software after Internet privacy blew up to become a contested issue in recent years. Businesses and individuals now find virtual private networks that can protect their online data.

You yourself may have a secure VPN application. Security specialist privatetunnel.com notes that such software usually works without a hitch, but should you encounter a problem, you can consult the troubleshooting guide below before you call your VPN provider.

No Internet Connection

When you have no Internet connection, your VPN configurations may have an error. You can check your VPN settings to ensure that all information is correct. When you use a company VPN, you can check the settings to make sure everything is as your IT department instructed.

You can try re-logging in as an added measure.

Outdated Client

When you still have no Internet connection, or you experience frequent disconnection, you can check your VPN application. The client or the app itself may be in need of updating, and you may have been too busy to notice the prompt for the update.

Update your software, and up-to-date software usually fixes common problems.

Down Server

Virtual private networks connect to servers based all over the world to provide you privacy as you browse the web. Sometimes, these servers can be temporarily down. You can directly connect to other servers to access the Internet.

You can restart as well as connect. Firewalls can also affect VPN connections; you can disable yours and try to connect.

Lack of Transferred Data

You may also experience a lack of data received by the device you are using. Users with multiple connected devices usually experience this problem. The problem may lie in your multiple connections to one single server.

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You can check any of your devices for simultaneous connection, and connect each device to a different server to fix the problem.

With the troubleshooting guide above, you can fix some of the common problems you encounter with a VPN. For persistent problems, you can call your VPN provider for help.